#ProjectRun has now finished

11 Mar 2015 - 28 Jun 2015

Well wishes

keep up the great work brother... - steve kruger

All the best dude! Looked up to you since day 1! Stoked to see you thinking outside the square and giving it all you've got. Go hard. Live what you love Yeeeeew! - Ben Maurice

Hey Kieron,  all the best in the run,  we hope this bit helps. take care - Wazza & Kristin

Keep it up mate - Geoff & Taz

All the best Kieron hope all goes well. - Tania Heard

Good Luck Kieron! You should be very proud of yourself. Well done for doing such a selfless thing :) - Paige Wright 

We all think you are one amazing guy with incredible hopes and dreams!! We wish you all the very best for your run - get out there and smash it xx - Tara, Nathan and Hudson Pyle

Yeeeeew! - Belinda Hokins

Run and run all you can,  if you have the love in your heart then your heart is bigger than the 200kms run - Rebekah Rose-Mundy

Great effort my friend - Troy Morton

You are a god kezza! Seriously man love your efforts!! - Grant Marshall

Inspirational Kieron from Max and Natalie Bicknell

Good luck! With you on this one mate. Siobhan and Ronan xx 

good luck ur a fantastic guy and an inspiration - Rebecca Crouch

You got this cool kid! Love ya x - Emma Knust

Good luck mate hope all the training pays off. - Richard Jones

Great work Kieron! - Imogene

Kieron, what you've set out to achieve for yourself and for the kids of Juiced is more than inspiring. There needs to be more people like you! Thank you for putting so much on the line to make a difference to the lives of our little patients!! - Pip

Hi Kieron, you’re amazing!! I know you’ll smash it! - Sonja

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