With your help, valuable research into childhood cancer will continue

Meet Cooper – the smiling, active little man you can see on this page.

Just months after Cooper’s first birthday, Debbie and Damien, Cooper’s proud parents, found out their little boy was ill—very ill. Tests and scans revealed a golf-ball sized brain tumour, stage-four, aggressive and malignant. Cooper was just 17 months old.

Cooper fought bravely through surgery to remove the tumour, months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. But before his three-month check-up, the left side of Cooper’s face became droopy. Tests revealed that the tumour had returned, and grown across the whole right side of his brain. They were out of options.

Determined to make his final days his best, Debbie and Damian took Cooper home. Soon after, Cooper fell unconscious and hours later, he passed away. He was just two years old.

It’s utterly unfair that a child so young has to endure the pain and fear of having a brain tumour, to fight so bravely only to have his life taken away. But there is hope.

Dr Andy Moore and his team have already delivered incredible advancements in cancer treatment, and there is no limit to what they can achieve. But this is only possible with the support of donors.

You have the opportunity to give parents more time with their children, and ultimately, save the life of children like Cooper.

Every dollar keeps the Tumour Bank running:

  will support the consumables and equipment required to process a patient’s tumour sample, which can then be used for multiple research projects
  could pay for a research associate to enrol a patient on a clinical trial
  could support a tumour bank scientist to process a single patient’s tumour sample and catalogue their clinical data
  could support basic experiments testing a new drug against a banked patient sample 
  could pay for the genetic sequencing of eight patients’ tumour samples, which could help identify what is driving their cancer and lead to new treatment options

 Who you’ll be helping

The funds you help raise for the Children’s Hospital Foundation will be directed to the Queensland Children’s Tumour Bank. The Tumour Bank collects samples from as many children as possible that are diagnosed with cancer and are treated at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. It is one of only three dedicated paediatric tumour banks in Australia, and is a vital resource for cancer research locally, nationally and internationally.

“With a tumour bank such as ours, we make samples available to researchers across Australia and around the world with one patient sample able to be used by numerous groups,” said Dr Andy Moore, paediatric team leader of Queensland Children’s Tumour Bank. 

Samples collected are then used to conduct research into childhood cancer so that no child need suffer.

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