Kierun 40 Hour run

My name is Kieron Douglass and I am a distance runner. For the past 4 years I have been an athlete ambassador for both Juiced TV and the Children's Hospital Foundation.

Kieron Douglass running

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One early morning I jumped out of bed after a restless sleep around 2am and right at that moment I decided I was going to run from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast to fundraise for this beautiful program- Juiced TV


Somewhere along the way I was given the privilege of added the Channel Nine Telethon to my yearly running schedule. It started off with a cheeky 12 hour 100km treadmill run back in 2015.


My 2015 run led to running 30 hours straight in 2016 around Brisbane...


This of course leads us to now, 2017, it only made sense to add 10 more hours on top of last years run. This year for the Channel Nine Telethon I will be running a straight 40 hours starting on the 17th Of November. Running day and night at UQSPORT Running Track and through Brisbane City until I finish at the LIVE Broadcast of the Children's Telethon at the RNA Showgrounds.

Kieron run

I get people asking me all the time why and how I manage to run for that long and I guess it's a bit of an adrenaline rush not knowing what my body is capable of doing and that really excites me, however I do find this run quite daunting. There are many battles I face after reaching a certain point. Some include being extremely tired, sore, bruised, battered and I will no doubt vomit at some stage... but that's why I run. Because that's the challenge most of these kids face every day. And no child should ever have to deal with that nor do it alone.

In no way shape or form does running long distances even compare to what some of these kids face day in and day out but I hope by doing these challenges I can give kids and their families a bit of hope knowing that there are everyday people- just like myself- working alongside the Doctors, Nurses, Juiced TV and the remarkable Foundation staff, all trying to make a difference in their child's lives. That's what it's all about and that's why I run.

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